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The Art of the Possible

Customers who worked with ProcSys continue to have a firm faith in our ability to go the extra mile with them. They have repeatedly commented on how ProcSys has gone beyond the call and never hesitated to keep the customer interest at the forefront, even if it meant a reduction in benefits to ProcSys as a solution provider.

At its foundation, this ethos is a combination of our attitude to work, a philosophy that seeks to maximize the meaning of customer service, and a way to challenge our own assumptions and limits - it is a composite work ethic that inherently believes that our own value is intrinsically linked with the success and the satisfaction of our customer.

Driving this ethic is our ability to look beyond the boundaries in technology and explore all the possibilities afforded by an opportunity. It's an ability to consciously shift the angle on a problem. Being simultaneously with the problem and yet above it so that we may bring newer perspectives, fresher insights and laterally conceived solutions.

This is not just wishful thinking. Time and again, ProcSys has demonstrated this ethos on the ground. A customer wanted us to design a 10 Gbps switch. The usual microprocessors couldn't keep up with the data rate, so the standard approach was to design an ASIC. But the customer did not want this approach (too costly, too risky). So we dug in and further research turned up a brand-new technology at that time - the Network Processor. Of course, we knew nothing about NP hardware or software (microcode). We waded in anyway, and the result: The customer had a product to show at the premier networking event, Networld+Interop, and picked up the "Best of Show" award as well.

To maximize value by blending pragmatism and creativity is the foundation of our practice and our ethos - an ethos that believes in The Art of the Possible.

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