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Product development
Board design
Embedded software
Pre & Post Silicon
System software
ProcSys RIMS
Network management
Application software
Mechanical design
Pre & Post Silicon Activities
Pre & Post Silicon Activities
Delivering first-time-right designs with the shortest time frames at the lowest cost possible.

ProcSys offers specialized semiconductor design services aimed at supporting design, verification, bring-up and validation of silicon devices to get first-time-right designs in the shortest time frame possible with lowest cost.

     Silicon Verification

Pre-silicon RTL verification

Behavioral models/components for verification

Test bench and test scripts generation

Proof-of-concept & performance tuning on FPGA platforms

     Diagnostics and bring-up Software

Bring-up software development on FPGA or emulator platforms

Bootstrap code

Device drivers

Diagnostic test cases

Download and flashing solutions

Test automation by scripting

Silicon failure (RMR analysis) identification by using Linux test suites

Linux Test Project (LTP) based automation testing

Operating system porting

     Bring-up boards and reference designs

Bring-up boards for silicon wake-up & validation

Test vector FPGAs for stress testing and measurements

Companion FPGAs for feature augmentation & standard/custom interfacing

Reference designs packages: Schematics, layout, BoM, design


recommendations & bring-up software

Compliance testing and agency certification trials

Thermal & SI analysis and recommendations

Evaluation boards for software development

Design services to Tier 1/Tier 2 customers for customization of solutions


RTL: Performance tuning, verification & validation

Behavioral models: Verilog and C

Board design: Silicon bring-up and reference boards

FPGA design: For verification, test vector generation & performance


Firmware: Bring-up software, diagnostics, performance measurement


and OS porting

ProcSys Advantage

Rich experience in participating in Silicon verification, bring-up and validation

Complimentary skills: Design teams for board, FPGA & firmware development

Full fledged laboratories with logic analyzers, storage scopes and traffic


generators for testing and validation

Experience in working with accredited labs for environmental (EMC/ESD,

  vibration, drop, safety etc.) compliance certification testing

Long term support contract for product maintenance and enhancements

Domain expertise in telecom, broadband, mobile phone technology,


aerospace/industrial and consumer electronics

Well-established and proven design & review processes

Long term support contract for product maintenance and enhancements

Capability Matrix

ProcSys has expertise in developing drivers and diagnostics that are used in the pre-silicon and post-silicon testing of multimedia/smart phone processors. Pre-silicon testing is done on VIRTIO and ZEBU platforms and later post-silicon testing is done on the silicon plugged in the evaluation platform. ProcSys team interacts and co-ordinates with the silicon designers and evaluation platform designers at different stages.

Features Expertise
  System design  

Expertise in developing silicon bring-up solutions for switches, SONET edge devices, mobile phones, Network Processors and bus interface devices

  Board design


Expertise in developing bring-up boards & reference designs
Size: 5 to 300 sq in
Layers: 2 to 28 layers
Frequency: 200 MHz (single ended) & 2.5G (differential)

  FPGA design


Expertise in designing companion and test vector FPGAs
Device family: Altera & Xilinx
Size: 50K to 3000K gates
Frequency: 200 MHz max.

  Device drivers/


Memory: SDR/DDR, NAND, NOR (Intel Strata and Sibley)
UART, USB (Full speed and High speed), IRDA, Bluetooth
MMC/SD storage interface
SIM card interface, LCD, Camera,I2C, I2S
Keypad, Touchscreen, Mouse, Keypad
Ethernet,Battery charger programming/monitoring
FM radio interface, Audio. Vibrator & TV out

  Simulation platforms


VIRTIO (Software model for complete embedded platform), ZEBU (FPGA based hardware emulation platform)
  Host software


MFC based application for download, diagnostics and image formatting
OpenSSL based image signing solutions and security utilities
Custom debuggers

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