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Product development
Board design
Embedded software
Pre & Post Silicon
System software
ProcSys RIMS
Network management
Application software
Mechanical design
Product Development
Product Development
ProcSys is uniquely placed to offer services in products/ total solutions development - from requirements capture to architecture, design, prototyping, design validation and support during deployment.

Having built expert teams in board design, FPGA design, embedded software, application software, mechanical design and product styling, ProcSys is uniquely placed to offer services in products/ total solutions development - from requirements capture to architecture, design, prototyping, design validation and support during deployment. Design experience and domain knowledge garnered over the decades help our product design teams deliver quality, cost effective solutions in the shortest time frame. This expertise coupled with our collaboration with manufacturing houses for prototyping and volume production and accredited laboratories for agency and compliance certification help us offer end to end design services under one roof that benefit our customers immensely. The design service is backed with excellent support during deployment and product sustenance through enhancements and feature additions.


Telecom: Switches and routers (FE/GbE, OC-3/12/48 and FC), SONET edge



Broadband: Media gateways & ADSL solutions

Storage: Storage over WAN solutions, RAID, Fibre Channel, SATA
  Computing: Embedded Single Board Computers, Chassis Slot Computers & Host
  Controller Modules based on Embedded Intel Architecture (x86), PowerPC, ARM
  & MIPS. High performance embedded computing (HPEC) for DSP, video analytics
  and other compute intensive applications, using stream/parallel processors,
    Embedded IA(x86) and FPGAs.
Audio/Video: Standard and High-definition systems for multi-channel A udio &
  Video capture, processing, recording, streaming and playback.
Aerospace/Industrial: Ruggedized computing and connectivity solutions

Market study: Research products features requirement and competition offering

End-to-end design services: Requirements capture, architecture, design,

  prototyping, validation and support during deployment

Proof-of-concept: Technical feasibility study & rapid prototyping using simulation

  platforms or development boards

Sub-systems design: Boards, FPGAs and software components

System simulation and verification: Performance measurements in simulation

  environments & design fine tuning

Prototyping and design validation

Compliance and agency certification

Production diagnostics

Management and configuration software

Mechanical & thermal design

Support during deployment

Product sustenance: Continued support for changes & enhancements throughout

  the life cycle of the product.
ProcSys Advantage

Experience in medium to high complexity systems design

In-house teams for system architecture, board, FPGA, firmware, mechanical and

  applications software development

Development tools & experts for electrical & mechanical CAD

Specialized team for handling components & materials procurement

Full fledged laboratories with logic analyzers, storage scopes and traffic

  generators for prototype testing and validation

Experience in working with accredited labs for environmental (EMC/ESD, vibration,

  drop, safety etc.) compliance certification testing

Pilot production for alpha and beta testing and early customer deployments


Experience in working with major manufacturing houses to meet DFM/DFT

  requirements & transfer of design to production

Long term support contract for product maintenance and enhancements


Domain expertise in telecom, broadband, aerospace/industrial and consumer


Well-established and proven design & review processes

Capability Matrix
Features Expertise
  System design   Expertise in telecom, broadband, storage, aerospace/industrial and consumer products design
  Board design


Size: 5 to 300 sq in
Layers: 2 to 28 layers
Frequency: 200 MHz (single ended) & 2.5G (differential)
  FPGA design


Device family: Altera & Xilinx
Size: 50K to 3000K gates
Frequency: 200 MHz max.
  Software design


BSPs & boot loaders for processors
OS: VxWorks, Linux, NetBSD & WinCE
Device drivers for Linux, VxWorks and Windows x.x
Protocol stacks (TCP/IP, ATM, Fibre Channel) porting
Diagnostics: Prototype testing & production
Applications: Management and configuration software
  Mechanical design


Board layouts
Enclosure design: Sheet metal & plastic
Tools design
Thermal analysis
Shipping cartons & packages


Prototype testing: Functional & timing
Design validation
Agency certification
Support during Alpha and beta testing and deployment


Support teams during deployment
Product sustenance: Re-design to counter components EoL & enhancements
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