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Product development
Board design
Embedded software
Pre & Post Silicon
System software
ProcSys RIMS
Network management
Application software
Mechanical design
Board Design & Development
Board Design & Development
ProcSys team has a rich experience in designing high-speed, high-density multi-layer boards and systems, coupled with a proven design practice that helps us deliver complex boards on time.

ProcSys offers complete board design capability - from requirements to design, layout, prototyping, testing and transfer to production. Our team has rich experience in designing high-speed, high-density multi-layer boards and systems. This coupled with proven design processes & methodologies help us meet the challenge of delivering complex boards on time to meet the reduced time-to-market requirements of our customers.

Embedded Single Board Computers , Host Controller Cards & Motherboard based on:

Embedded Intel Architecture ( x86 ) – Celeron M, Pentium M, Core Duo and


Core 2 Duo

PowerPC with integrated peripherals - IBM4xx & MPC82xx

ARM 9 SoCs – OMAP, Atmel , PXA


Storm-1 Stream / parallel processing SoC
Host controllers & line cards for chassis slot based systems

Host controllers: Embedded IA ( x86 ) Celeron M / Pentium M /Core 2 Duo &


PowerPC with integrated peripherals

LAN: 10/ 100/1000 and multi-gigabit Ethernet

Storage & SAN: Fibre Channel , SATA

Broadband Access: xDSL


  Switching & Routing: Switch fabrics, network processing, protocol accelerators,
  packet inspection
Media Processing: DSP
Audio / Video processor cards : Capture, process, store, stream, playback
Microcontroller based boards and Industrial controllers
Peripheral adapters: PCI-Express, PCI, PCI-X, USB, PCMCIA and Compact FLASH
Silicon validation and reference boards

Architecture design

Schematics capture

Board layout


Signal integrity & Cross talk analysis

EMI/EMC analysis

Thermal analysis




Bring-up testing & Design validation


Pilot production (low volume)


Transfer to production

ProcSys Advantage

Experience in medium to high complexity systems design

Domain expertise in datacom, telecom, aerospace/industrial and consumer


Well established and proven design & review processes

Experience in working with major manufacturing houses to meet DFM/DFT



Experience in working with accredited labs for environmental (EMC/ESD, vibration,

  drop, safety etc.) compliance certification testing

Experience in cost reduction and reengineering

In-house electrical CAD team & tools


In-house mechanical design & product styling team


Specialized team for handling components & materials procurement

Pilot production for alpha and beta testing and early customer deployments


Complete design package for design transfer to volume production


Complementary design services: FPGA, firmware, products development,

  Management and configuration application software.

Long term support contract for product maintenance and enhancements

Capability Matrix
Features Expertise
  Board Size   20 inches x 16 inches (maximum)


26 layers (maximum): 16 routing and 10 power planes


8,000 + 32 BGA devices


  Feature Size


4 MIL trace with 5 MIL trace-to-trace clearance


250 MHz (maximum) for single ended traces
3.125 GHz (maximum) for differential pairs

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