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Business organizations today need no introduction to outsourcing as a business model to achieve cost reduction and increased productivity. From being a tactical option, outsourcing has already become a strategic imperative. In many cases, outsourcing models, especially those that focus on offshore engagements, have evolved and matured to address issues such as control, communication and transparency adequately.

With over 30 years of experience and working closely with varied customers across continents, we at ProcSys have gained a keen understanding of the nuances of such engagements; nuances that often spell the difference between success and failure. This comprehensive learning process has helped ProcSys to evolve a rationalized, next generation approach to customer relationships. This model, which we call the Uniteam TM model, adopts a simultaneous balance between immediate imperatives and long term needs.

Uniteam TM is a branded model, whose logo is an ambigram. The ambigram is designed to represent a dynamic balance between the immediate and the longterm, and communicate a sense of changing context.

Offering the next-generation relationship model

Uniteam TM offers comprehensive business relationship through a unified team model. The model establishes customer relationship as the foundation and builds a choice of engagements around this superstructure. While the specific modes of engagement may be driven by tactical decisions such as specific solution requirements, time to market, and budgets, the perspective of a long term relationship forms the central thread that runs through.

Built around this core idea of relationship, the Uniteam TM approach effectively blurs the distinction between the traditional notion of ‘ProcSys team’ and ‘Customer team’, and enables our customers to work with a unified, seamless team to derive maximum strategic advantage. The Uniteam TM model goes beyond the traditional delivery system approach and attempts to future-proof the relationship.

Our Uniteam TM approach to relationship building has delivered repeatedly and we have been able to retain nearly all our customers. When customers express satisfaction and return to us repeatedly, (in some cases even after five years!), it’s a vote of confidence in our approach, in our experience and in our expertise. Extended internally, the Uniteam TM approach translates into high levels of team work and low levels of employee attrition.

Under the Uniteam TM framework, ProcSys offers a variety of engagement options that cover a spectrum of requirements. In addition, ProcSys has evolved and deployed a successful delivery methodology that is based on the industry best practices, RUP (Rational Unified Process).

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