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Flexible Business Engagements
Flexible Business Engagements
ProcSys has evolved flexible engagement models that allow our customers to combine a high level of control and the cost advantage of offshore, along with a choice of engagement options that fit diverse requirements.
ProcSys has combined more than thirty years of experience in electronic hardware and software design services to tune itself to the changing requirements of its global customers. Through experience and client feedback gained over several
The Value Delivery Chain
engagements, ProcSys has evolved three flexible engagement models that allow our clients to have a combination of the control they would normally have over a resident team, allied with the cost advantage of offshore and a choice of engagement options that fit diverse requirements.
1. Specific Consulting Model (SCM)
Specific Consulting Model enables our customers to take advantage our successful experience for their specific, short term requirements. This model is particularly effective when the requirement is in an evolutionary stage or when there is a need for specific and critical knowledge for a short duration.
2. Project Based Outsourcing (PBO)

In this model, the client assigns work to ProcSys for specific requirements. While this might also require the involvement of the client's own design team, ProcSys works independently to meet the requirements. The progress of the project is tracked through periodic status calls, online reviews and various other high throughput communication mechanisms, detailed during project planning.
This model may also require the availability of one or more of ProcSys representatives to be present at the client's site for some duration.
3. Dedicated Development Center (DDC)
In this model, teams are dedicated to the client at both onsite and offsite locations for use on specific customer projects. Typically, the offsite location is ProcSys' development centers in India. This model is applicable when a dedicated team is required to work on a number of requirements across a common set of technologies. It has the increased development bandwidth through a dedicated infrastructure offshore with the customer's development environment replicated; and round the clock development. ProcSys offers this model on Time & Material (T&M) or Fixed Price structures, or a combination of the two. It is particularly suitable for co-product development work, since the high-tech customer typically has near-zero team management costs with all operational, administrative and HR responsibilities of this team being handled by ProcSys.
The Build Operate Transfer is an evolved option of the above model where our clients who are interested in setting up a development base in India have the option of permanently owning the DDC. This model involves transfer of all resources - people, DDC specific tools, other DDC owned Hardware and Software infrastructure to the client at pre agreed critical mass of people or pre agreed duration at pre determined costs.
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